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Check out and see what's new and exciting at the Buttonwoods Museum! You will be amazed at how much the museum has to offer; plus see what's happening in and around Haverhill.
Take a journey into the past by scrolling through some photos of the amazing artifacts and other historical items, ranging from native american pieces to one of a kind antique shoes.
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Haverhill Historical Society of Haverhill Massachusetts was founded in January of 1898. The mission of the Buttonwoods Museum / Haverhill Historical Society is to collect and preserve history, and to educate the community about Greater Haverhill's past and culture.

Come to the Buttonwoods and experience the history of Haverhill MA. Haverhill has a rich history from native american settlement to a farming community to the shoe industry and to today's present day Haverhill rich in culture and diversity. Haverhill has something for everyone.  Thank you!

We are open for tours for the season!               Please visit our #MuseumFromHome page above for our virtual musem programs and events!        Take a peek at our curator's top 10 collection items list.       
Here you will find a number of online opportunities to bring local history right into your living room. This list will be updated as more content becomes available, check back in with us to see what's new!

Our annual appeal is a way you can donate to the Buttonwoods Museum and support our day to day operations! Supporting us in this way helps to pay utilities, buy supplies, keep up with routine maintenance and minor repairs and handle snow removal and landscaping.

Our Current Funding Needs

It's an exciting time here at the Buttonwoods! Along with the usual need for funding to support the day to day operations here at the museum through our annual appeal, the Buttonwoods is also embarking on the REVITALIZE BUTTONWOODS campaign. Much more than a cosmetic renovation, this bold reinterpretation project will transform the Museum into a vehicle for social change through inclusive programs and exhibits, representing stories of historically excluded populations.